Our teachers are the heart  of the school. They support the KHS philosophy and have the basic love of children and a commitment to teaching. They provide context, content and coherence to the learning environment, serve as role models and shape students lives forever. They are a team of a very hardworking staff, who co-operate and work well together. This, in turn, creates a lovely working atmosphere in school, for both adults and children. Nearly 70 dedicated individuals make up Karachi Highs faculty. While some members of the faculty are new to the school, others have served KHS for more than 8, 15, or 20 years.


Music Dept.

Bruce John (2014)

Music – FS to Key Stage 2 and Choir Instructor


Plays the Keyboard, Guitar

Trained Musician

Workshops in Karachi

Experience 13 years

Sports Dept.

Mario Ridrigues (2012)

Sports – FS to Key Stage 4 and Basketball, Soccer Coach

Intermediate, St. Patricks College, Karachi

Trained Phsiotherapist, Civil Hospital 5 years

Soccer Player at Club Level (Karachi Goans Association Gymkhana)

Attended Training UBL for Hockey, Cricket, Soccer and Athletics

Experience 15 years
Arts Dept.

Hamida Khatri (2014)

Arts year 7 and 8

Graduate Marketing/ Fine Art. IoBM, Indus Valley School

Masters (Marketing) IoBM

Attended Training Workshops in Karachi

Experience 2 Years