Statement and Description

The Student Council is a unique group of students who possess strong leadership skills. This is a year long commitment that requires organisational, and time-management skills. This group of exceptional leaders, work together with faculty advisors to plan and execute various school events such as a Bake Sale, Movie Nights, Mufti Days etc. The Council members also act as goodwill ambassadors for outside visitors and organisations. The Student Council is anexcellent opportunity for students to develop teamwork, work habits, responsibility and citizenship.

To become a memberof the Student Council a student must:

  1. Be in good academic standing
  2. Demonstrate good attendance, punctuality and class behaviour
  3. Have a mature and positive attitude
  4. Be a model of responsible class leadership (as Class Monitor, Teachers Assistance, HousePrefect, Vice-Prefect etc.)
  5. Possess teamwork experience and have the ability to cooperate with others
  6. Have the ability to carry out a plan and meet deadlines
  7. Demonstrate exemplary school citizenship, and strong pride in school spirit
  8. Have demonstrated a strong dedication to school life by actively participating in school activities and events


Students interested in campaigning for a position on the Student Council must apply to a committee of teachers, Key Stage Academic Coordinators and Teacher Coordinators and Adminitration. Successful applicants will be approved to campaign for a Council position.

Student Councils give students a voice in their schools. IT’S YOUR CHOICE USE YOURVOICE

Karachi High Schools Senior Student Council provides leadership opportunities and fosters student responsibility. Participation in the Student Council is open to all students from Year VIII to Year XI. The Council is made up of two representative from each year, elected by his/her peers, and  aPresident elected by all students in Years VIII to XI. A candidate  forPresident must be in good academic standing and must ask two teachers to provide written recommendations and must be from year XI.

The Student Council has the responsibility of improving the quality of student interaction, morale and social life. It also communicates the needs of the student body to the faculty and administration. The Student Council, in conjunction with the faculty advisor, plans events  andprograms that would be of interest to the students and the school community.

This year the Senior Student Council (SSC) will consist of 14 members and a member of our faculty, a wonderful teacher faculty advisor Ms. Sara to help coordinate.

A new position of fundraiser coordinator has been added this year. The money we raise from fundraisers gets reinvested into the activities we do. We are going to have a Mufti day every term in order to raise some money and to give students a chance to wear clothes that they would never be able to wear in school otherwise.

This school year we areproud to announce the formation of the Junior Student Council (JSC). This council is made up of 14 members, one from Year 4 and two students from each of Years 5, 6 and 7 as well as their supervising teacher. The Primary Council meets once a week so that the specific needs of primary students can be heard. They also have begun to organize their own events, such as Primary Movie Night. Although they meet separately, the  Junior and Senior Student Councils are a single unit of 28 members and each group reports regularly to the other.


Fund Raising for New School Building

  1. Bake Sale
  2. Arrange Movie Nights
  3. Arrange Evening Mela
  4. Manage the Playground Display Board

Minute to Win It (Senior Student Council)

Protect our Birds

  1. Make Bird Feeds
  2. Make Bird Baths


Fund Raising for New School Building, Cancer and Thalasemia Children

  1. Bake Sale
  2. Arrange Movie Nights
  3. Arrange Evening Mela
  4. Manage the Playground Display Board
  5. Minute to Win It 
  6. KHS Idol