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Learning science is fun with varied activities throughout the year. Science instruction with healthy doses of fun can increase students’ motivation, positive attitude and willingness to participate in the science class. At KHS its about teaching them through simple activities and projects that engage the students and bring out the fun in learning science.


Activity 1 – Micro-organisms and you 

Students observing the environment in which micro-organisms grow in. It helped them in understanding how they nurture in dry – wet conditions.


Activity 2 – Heart + Force

Students are measuring height of water. This helped in explaining that when force is applied to squeeze the bottle the water shoots up. This helped in understanding how heart pumps the blood.


Activity 3 – Doctor – Doctor Check my pulse

Students checking their partner’s heart beat with the stethoscope. Another concept applied that children are checking their pulse after playing to find out the difference in the pulse rate after playing out in the sun as compared to sitting in class studying.