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In memory of Mrs. Kassim, by Aysha Ashraf – A’ levels

God saw you getting tired…
When a cure was not to be,
He wrapped his arms around you,
And whispered. “Come onto me!”…
You didn’t deserve what you went through,
And so He gave you a rest…
God’s garden must be beautiful,
‘Cause He only takes the best…
And so when I saw you sleeping,
So peaceful and free from pain..
I could not wish you to come back,
To suffer all that again…..

The dream I will never forget by Shayan Aamir – Year 6

I was a soldier, scientistsexperimented on me, and my power was multiplied to a super soldier. I was armedwith a Narophite circle shield the rarest metal in the galaxy at my hand. Myenemy was an alien and his scientists and an army of aliens who had weaponsat a level that high that no one knew vaporizing my men.

Before, I was created my men wenttried to defeat their opposing army but they couldnt instead they werecaptured. I went there by arguing with my chief the General. When I reachedthey Para dropped me in one of the hundred bases. They started attacking me butI repelled their vaporizing attacks with my Narophite Shield. I got to knowthat their attacks have no effect on my Narophite shield. I shot them down withmy pistol. I got to know their shields are made to protect them and got intotheir base. I rescued all of my men they picked all of their weapons andstarted shooting. Their faces werent armed. When I came back my chief wasproud of me and told me to make my own team. I selected some of them who were captured.They were the best fighters from their countries. I went to hundreds ofcountries fighting and destroying their tanks, infantry, airforce. My airforceblew up their bases after I had invaded them. The war finally came to theirhead. Their scientists made their weapons at rapid fire.

My team was on vacation so Iinvaded it myself. They stopped me by destroying my pistol and rounded off withtheir guns. I was finally captured.

When the General got the news.They prepared all the army from all over the country to save me. They invadedthe prime base they destroyed all of their infantry. They rescued me thegeneral found my Narophite shield and gave it to me the prime boss tried to runall of the infantry went to the airport because the prime plane was ready tofly. The whole army started fighting their army the prime got on the plane itwas going further away from me and I ran after it. I was going too fast so Istopped the general took the aliens super car which was really fast. I took thecar and ran towards the plane at the end I jumped on the planes wheel before itflew it closed Its wheels and I was in. There were bombs inside the plane thatwere piloted by men . I defused the bomb and launched it into the waited untilI heard someone coming. I held the top and tried to stuck on the roof the threemen came I threw one of the men outside one of the men sat in the bomb andlaunched it. I held the bomb and went with the bomb the second man held me tight,the men in the bomb tried to get rid of me by turning the bomb I still heldonto it tightly and the man on my back got burned. I broke the glass andejected the man disarmed the bomb and went back into the plane. I went to thepiloting area it was empty but I found the planes power source and the primecame with gun he shot me but I repelled it, I threw my shield at him he wentdown and caught my shield he took out his pistol and started shooting at me butI dodged them I jumped at my shield at him with my full power. He was shot andlanded on the power source he broke the power source he took it in his hand andit was space at the roof and he was transported to an other galaxy. The powersource melted the metal of the planes floor and went in the water I crashedlanded the plane and found my self in a room. I went out of the room and sawthat the world had changed there came a man who told me that I was not awakesince the last 70 years.

I woke up and saw my self in myroom and this was the dream I will never ever forget.

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