Amir has been with KHS since 1994, he is a skilled carpenter and has had a little training in plumbing and electrical work too. Over the years Amir has gained a lot of respect amongst students as well as teachers and other staff members. Mrs. Parveen Kassim had a lot to say about him regarding his positive attitude and the way he worked with everyone..

Amir takes care of all carpentry, a bit of plumbing and electrical works, as well as repairs and maintenance

He runs the canteen at KHS

Trained Carpenter

Experience 26 years

Chhagan (2010)

John Masih (1994)

Nirmila (2001)

Asha (2010)

Eishwary (2010

Umma (2014)

Aksar (2011)

Aslam (2014)