School Events

Canteen At Karachi High School, each of thefour houses, i.e., Faiz Ahmed Faiz (red), Allama Iqbal (green), Sir Syed AhmedKhan (blue) and Amir Khusro (yellow), are given the opportunity to organise andconduct a Fund-Raiser mini-fair which includes games, rides and a variety oftreats for staff and students.

Each house conducts its canteen individually,which involves a pooling of resources, talents, skills and innovation of thestudents and teachers, making the entire fair unique and thoroughlyentertaining for all. It is, without a doubt, one of the most anticipatedevents of the school.

Sports Day Sports day at KHS is an annual event in which children participatein competitive sporting activities, with the aim of winning trophies or prizes.The purpose of this event is to teach each child so he/she mayexperience challenge, understand competition and accept both victory and defeatin good spirit. Sports also helps discipline a child as students follow rulesand learn to tackle stressful competition situations.

The T-shirtswill be worn during physical education lessons and all house events and canteens.Parents will be honorary members of a childs house and will be invited toattend all House events.

Farewell Every year the students of Year 9Matric and Year 10 IGCSE host a farewell dinner for the outgoing classesof Year 10 Matric and Year 11 IGCSE students. It is a social event where thefinal year students get a chance to say their good byes to their teachers andpeers.



Theare/Music Festival

Field Trips Students from all classes make tripswithin or outside of Karachi for learning and entertainment at the same time.Trips are made to historical places, art galleries, factories and a variety ofother venues.

National/International Days To create student awareness about personal, social and globalconcerns, we observe national and some international days. On such occasions,teachers take time out of their busy schedule to brief students about thatparticular day. Students and teachers together work on small projects that mayrepresent their participation in the event. Examples of national days are, IndependenceDay, Quaid Day, and Pakistan Resolution Day. Mothers Day, Teachers Day, WorldPeace Day, Universal Childrens Day, Labour Day and Earth Day are some examplesof International days.

Science/Art Fair We believe thateach student brings with him a unique set of abilities and qualities. From thevery beginning, students are given the opportunity to search for their hiddentalents and work on them continually so that they can improve and build uponthem. Science and Art Fair are two such occasions. Children work in groups anduse their creativity and innovative methods to complete their projects.