Community Activity

You make a difference


We are proudof our Students Council Community Service record and its success right from itsfirst year 2009 to date.

To celebrate UNIVERSALCHILDRENS DAY every 20th November since 2009.

The Student Council organises aMufti Day Fund-Raiser for differentpurposes like in 2009 we raised funds for a fellow student who has been a patient of Thalassemia sinceshe started school in the Foundation Stage. She needed our sincerest supportand prayers and we managed to raise as much as Rs. 125,000/.

In 2010we were able to raise a 100,000/ for children suffering with Cancer.

In 2011our contribution of an ipad and a sum of over 230,000/ was collected for one ofour fellow students who sadly met with an accident. She thankfully came out of a coma after 8months but unfortunately had been left paralysed and bed ridden. Since she hadlost her voice, she could only communicate by pointing to letters on a boardwith the use of her working hand. One of our very generous parents gave an ipadand we managed to contribute towards her medical expenses. Despite thisdifficult time she remains positive and hopeful, till now she is undergoingtreatment in India.


So you might be wondering whatMufti Day is:

Mufti Day (Casual Clothes Day or Non-uniform Day) is a day where youare allowed to come to school in your own clothing instead of in uniform.

This one day our Principal allowsthe KHS students to go wild wearing anything they can never wear in schoolotherwise.

So the boys gelled their hair in funky styles, wore scarves and crazy clothes. Thegirls wore funky jewellery, coloured hair clips and even make-up.

All the students had to do; toparticipate in Mufti Day was to make a minimum contribution of Rs. 50/- towardsthe cause.