Co-curricular Activities

We believe strongly in the importance of extra-curricular activities: they are enjoyable, enriching and fulfilling in their own right; they teach such important attributes as teamwork and time management; they allow young people to make friends, to discover skills they never knew they possessed and to gain a sense of achievement. They are outlets for energy and creativity and a young person who is happy and fulfilled outside the classroom is much more likely to perform well within it.

ISEO The International Schools Educational Olympiad (ISEO) is the signature event of our school. It is the only one of its kind held in Pakistan, and we are proud to be the hosts and key-organisers of such a massive event.

Sports Throughout the year the students play different sports for fun and learning. Sport is very strong throughout the Junior and Senior Schools and pupils of all ages benefit from the facilities provided. The ground has provision for many fixtures including netball, inner fieldbaseball, basketball and table tennis. This year we have introduced Roller Skating with a National Champion Mr. Ijlan as the instructor and Soccer with Mr. Hillary. Additionally, special night-lights are installed for nighttime matches. We are proud of our sporting record and our successes at national and regional level. Recently these have included: two basketball cups, semi-finalists in the All Schools Basketball Association Cup, Senior Girls throw ball, semi-finalists in thethrow ball, previous champions in the under 19 boys table tennis tournament.

PE (Physical Education) Physical Education is part of students daily activities at KHS. They learn the skills necessary to perform successfully in a variety of physical activities, know the implications and benefits of involvement in PE, understand the rules, strategies and safety aspects of a variety of exercises and activities as well as value physical activity and its contribution to a healthy lifestyle.

Dramatics KHS drama has been getting stronger, and with introducing Theatre in Key Stages 2 and 3, we are set to move to new heights. There is a range of productions for all age groups throughout the school year. Students are encouraged to take part and are given a variety ofopportunities to perform on stage and assemblies. Our faculty is trained inteaching theatre and follow Viola Spolins curriculum for schools.

Choir Music is very important at KHS. Morethan a third of all pupils in the Primary and Secondary School are part of thechoir.

There is anannual concert each year, reflecting a range of both western and eastern music.Western musical styles include jazz and rock. Eastern musical styles includeclassical, semi-classical, pop and traditional geets and qawalis.  More than 60 children in the KHS choirrehearse on a weekly basis in the Hall providing opportunities for all. Thechoir has performed and sung in a number of concerts. A select number of pupilsfrom the KHS choir have been invited to sing at the British Council, theAmerican Consulate, Karawan Karachi, for the Womens Forum and Childrens Museumfor Peace Human Rights (CMPHR) for The Universal Childrens Day.

There arestrong links between music and drama at all levels of the school. In 2005; the Primary School pupils performed The Pied Piper- their first musical productionat the KHS grounds. All pupils take part in the annual House Music Competition.

Music isstrong at all levels throughout the school and with the facilities provided itcan only get stronger.