Choir Club

Music is an integral part ofKHS. More than a third of all pupils in the Primary and Secondary School arepart of the choir. Thereis an annual performance each year, reflecting a range of both western andeastern music. Western musical styles include jazz and rock. Eastern musicalstyles include classical, semi-classical, pop and traditional geets andqawalis.  More than 60 children inthe KHS choir rehearse on a weekly basis in the Hall providing opportunitiesfor all. The choir has performed and sung in a number of concerts. A selectnumber of pupils from the KHS choir have been invited to sing at the BritishCouncil, the American Consulate, Karawan Karachi, for the Womens Forum andChildrens Museum for Peace Human Rights (CMPHR) for Universal Childrens Day,All Pakistan Music Conference and introducing Qawali at the Karachi AmericanSchool.

Thereare strong links between music and drama at all levels of the school, in 2005;the Primary School pupils performed The Pied Piper- their first musicalproduction at the KHS grounds.

Musicis strong at all levels throughout the school and with the facilities providedit can only get stronger.