House System

At KHS, each student and faculty member is placed into one of four houses. Each house includes students from all year groups. At the beginning of the Autumn Term, students elect House Prefects. A candidate for House Prefect must be in good academic standing and must ask two teachers to provide written recommendations.

KHSs house system promotes a sense of identity and positive school spirit, provides a structure for cooperation across the years, and facilitates intramural competition of all kinds. The four houses are Faiz Ahmed Faiz (Red), SirSyed Ahmed Khan (Blue), Allama Iqbal (Green) and Amir Khusro (Yellow). House meetings and house activities are scheduled throughout the year and include inter-house Sports, Table Tennis, Basketball and Baseball matches, as well as quiz competitions and Spelling Bee.

Awards, in the form of merits, are given for good work and effort. Awards earn housepoints that are accumulated over the year. The house trophy is awarded to the winning house at the awards assembly held in August.

YellowHouse – Ameer Khusro


Our Attitude

Showing care and concern

being sincere and kind

helping one another to develop and succeed

empathizing with others

Blue House – Sir Syed Ahmed Khan


Our Approach

Showing regard for self and others

being tolerant and accepting individual differences

appreciating cultural diversity

striving to realize our full potential

Red House – Faiz Ahmed Faiz


Our Foundation

Having the courage to do the righting

being honest

being consistent in word and deed

being objective and impartial in making decisions

Green House – Allama Iqbal

Our culture

Being the best that we can be

being responsible to self, family, school and nation

taking the initiative to do the right things

persevering to achieve goals