“All it takes is all youve got”

Sports Throughout the year the students play different sports for fun and learning. Sport is very strong throughout the Junior and Senior Schools and pupils of all ages benefit from the facilities provided. The ground has provision for many fixtures including netball, inner field baseball, basketball and table tennis. Additionally, special night-lights are installed for nighttime matches. This year we have discontinued Roller Skating because of everyday minor injuries but we are happy to be continuing with Soccer with Mr. Mario Rodrigues. Baseball has always been our school game and the KHS Little League Baseball teams have been all over from Far East to the US for camps and international official games.

We are proud of our sporting record and our successes at national and regional level. Recently these have included: two basketball cups, semi-finalists in the All Schools Basketball Association Cup, Senior Girls throw ball, semi-finalists in the throw ball, previous champions in the under 19 boys table tennis tournament and KHS baseball team to have been chosen as the official Pakistan team to play internationally under 13 Baseball team in 1993.

PE (Physical Education) Physical Education is part of students daily activities at KHS. They learn the skills necessary to perform successfully in a variety of physical activities, know the implications and benefits of involvement in PE, understand the rules, strategies and safety aspects of a variety of exercises and activities as well as value physical activity and its contribution to a healthy lifestyle.

Sports Day Sports day at KHS is an annual event in which children participate in competitive sporting activities, with the aim of winning trophies or prizes. The purpose of this event is to teach each child so he/she may experience challenge, understand competition and accept both victory and defeat in good spirit. Sports also helps discipline a child as students follow rules and learn to tackle stressful competition situations.

The T-shirts will be worn during physical education lessons and all house events and canteens. Parents will be honorary members of a childs house and will be invited to attend all House events.