Successful Candidates for Foundation Stage Academic Year 2017 2018

Thank you for your interest in KHS. If a place has not been offered, we will not be able to accommodate your child this academic year due to the limited number of seats, however, you are welcome to place your child’s name on the waiting list for an admission assessment in future by sending a request at [email protected]. If a seat should become available, the KHS Office will contact you for an interview/assessment.

We are pleased to announce that the applicant’s listed below have successfully cleared the admission requirement. If you do not receive a call, please contact the KHS Office at 021-35224040 or 021-35686669 for further instructions regarding the Admissions procedure.

We will not entertain any late fee, please do not come and ask for any waivers or change in dates. The seat will automatically be given to the waiting list children.

Congratulations and welcome to KHS

Successful students for Foundation Year

Abdul Aziz Suleman
Abdul Muqeet Abdul Majeed
Affan Muhammad Adnan
Amatullah Hozefa
Amatullah Yousuf
Anayah Junaid
Anisha  Kotak Kelash
Batool Muhammad Hussain
Batool Abdul Qadir
Burhanuddin Hatim
Burhanuddin Ali Asghar
Burhanuddin Aamir Ali
Faeq Ahmed Abdul Wahab
Faiza Junaid
Fatima Hanif
Fatima Zakir
Fatima Wali
Fizza Kamran
Hajir Irfan
Haleema Sadia Muhammad Fareed
Haleema Sadia Muhammad Javed
Hooria Syed Ajab Gull
Hooriya Yousuf
Inaya Junaid
Kashaf Imran Shaikh
Mahveer Sakhija Shaiwak Mal
Muhammad Bilal Zeeshan
Muhammad Hamid Raza Abdul Basit
Muhammad Mustafa Muhammad Aamir
Muhammad Safan Faisal
Muhammad Yousuf Muhammad Bilal
Nabihah Zeeshan
Noor-ul-Huda Muhammad Arif
Ranbeer Sakhija Mansukh Dass
Rida Muhammad Faisal
Ruqaiyah Malih-ul-Ushtar
Sakina Shabbir
Syed Muhammad Ahmed Syed Usman Ghani
Umm-e-Hania Farhan
Yumna Arbab
Zoubia Jahangir

Successful students for Reception Year

Aashir Ahmed Arbab Ahmed
Hiba Syed Ajab Gull