Successful Candidates for Foundation Stage Academic Year 2018 2019

Thank you for your interest in KHS. If a place has not been offered, we will not be able to accommodate your child this academic year due to the limited number of seats, however, you are welcome to place your child’s name on the waiting list for an admission assessment in future by sending a request at [email protected]. If a seat should become available, the KHS Office will contact you for an interview/assessment.

We are pleased to announce that the applicant’s listed below have successfully cleared the admission requirement. If you do not receive a call, please contact the KHS Office at 021-35224040 or 021-35686669 for further instructions regarding the Admissions procedure.

We will not entertain any late fee, please do not come and ask for any waivers or change in dates. The seat will automatically be given to the waiting list children.

Congratulations and welcome to KHS

Successful students for Pre Nursery Year

Abdul Rehman Zafarullah Khwaja
Abdur Rehman Fawad Saeed Batla
Cyrus Noor Bilawal Bilawal Hussain
Faisal Junaid Jawed
Khadija Zahra Muhammad Khoso
Khazeena Muhammad Imran Sheikh
Muhammad Essa Khurram Mughal
Muhammad Ghufran Mirza Wajid Mirza
Muhammad Hadi Faisal Jamil Malik
Muhammad Subhan Zohaib Qamar
Muhammad Umer Zeeshan
Saaim Ayaz Khan
Saleh Muhammad Asif Iqbal

Successful students for Nursery Year

Abdul Bari Goya Suleman
Afan Shabbir Arif
Afifa Anamta Ehtasham Uddin Hussain
Aiza Bangloria Muhammad Irfan
Ali Shanwer Mansoor Ahmed
Araiz Adnan Adnan ur Rehman
Asjad Adeel Ansari Adeel Ashraf
Atif Raza Noman
Ayesha Junaid Junaid
Ayesha Kamran Kamran
Burhanuddin Hasnain
Burhanuddin Rampurawala Hussain Shabbir
Enaya Muhammad Shahid
Fabeha Muhammad Shehzad
Faiza Junaid
Hania Muhammad Sohail
Hanya Shah Baksh Shah Baksh Shah
Hareem Muhammad Faizan
Ilyaan Mittha Mehboob Mittha
Jamila Ali Asghar
Jennah Ali Syed Jaffer Abbas
Labib Raza Kamran
Manahil Imran Imran
Manahil Khurram Khurram
Mariam Abdul Samad
Muhammad Ashar Jangda Muhammad Adnan Jangda
Muhammad Haider Ali Muhammad Faisal Abdullah
Muhammad Hamid Raza Abdul Basit
Muhammad Hashir Muhammad Ali
Muhammad Khezar Malik Khurram Malik
Muhammad Raaid Bin Zeeshan Zeeshan Qamar
Muhammad Senaan Muhammad Junaid
Muhammad Wildaan Muhammad Yousuf
Musfirah Muhammad Farhan
Mustafa Mahin Faisal Jamil
Saifuddin Ali Asghar
Sakina Muhammad Hussain Muhammad Hussain
Tivyan Ankit Swami Jayram
Umara Syed Syed Allah Gull
Umm e Hani Waqar Samoon
Umm e Hania Farhan
Wania Shoaib Iqbal