Diversity At Karachi High School

Diversity At Karachi High School


The Board of Directors of Global Education Motivators have chosen Mrs. Parveen Kassim Principal of Karachi High School for the GEMs annual Global Educators Award. This is their 7th annual award to an educator who exemplifies the best dedication and leadership towards educating the next generation for the global realities they will face. Mrs. Parveen Kassims international school to school communication exchanges, work for human rights and conflict resolution, involvement in various United Nations student conferences and the International Schools Educational Olympiad organizedby Karachi High School made her their top choice for this award. This award would be presented to Mrs. Kassim at the United Nations Teachers Conference on Human Rights at UN Headquarters in New York City, USA on March 30th 2012.

The School’s program is intentionally set within a community life based on the life of our Prophet and teaching of Islam and devoted to service in Pakistan and the whole human community.

We aim to be sensitive to all religions. Our understanding of the role of Muslims in KHS life together is broad and inclusive, spiritual as well as moral, seeking to define the center, rather than the periphery of Islamic faith and practice.

International Features: The commitment of Karachi High School to respect and affirm those of varied cultures and religious traditions includes the following:

  • KHS is concerned for the spiritual growth of all its students and staff and seeks to meet the needs of that growth
  • Staff and students of faiths other than Islam are significant to the mission of KHS as a diverse and cooperative community. All staff and students, however, whatever their religious background, shall be expected to have ideals which are in harmony with those of the schools foundation.

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